Vermouth Perucchi Extra Dry (1 Liter)

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Perucchi Vermouth, created in the mid 1800s by Augustus Perucchi, is the first vermouth ever produced in Spain. Composed from a traditional, handcrafted recipe, it is based on wine and wine liquors mixed with plants, herbs, and roots of both Mediterranean and Oriental origin. Every component of this complex blend is carefully selected and harvested at its right point of maturity, and then are macerated, ground, infused, pressed, and filtered. It is then combined with a "Grand Cru", which results in a ripe, soft balanced wine that is then aged in ancient oak casks. Most of the wine tubs, presses, and casks used today to make the product are the original ones that were used in the 1800s, allowing the vermouth to maintain the genuine bouquet and character of all Perucchi vermouth. Smooth and rich, notes of chamomile, ginger, lemon verbena, cinnamon, mint, and orange blossom are present on both the nose and palate. Enjoy as an aperitif, or in a variety of classic cocktails.

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