2014 Louis Sipp Nature'S Pinot Blanc (750ml)

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Louis SIPP began his family's involvement in wine growing at the end of the First World War.
Louise, pioneering grandmother of the family, acquired the first plots of vineyard while her husband Louis was away on the Russian Front. The first vats were also bought at this time. Some of those old vats are still in use. At this time grapes were harvested on the Kirchberg hill (today classified as "Grand Cru" land) and carried in baskets on the harvesters' backs down to the presses, which were situated at the top end of the town. 

Young wines made with grapes under organic specification and ECOCERT certified. These wines have usually more freshness and length as the wines coming from conventional grapes. Named “Nature’S” to suggest the organic matter and to remind the customers the origin; ‘S like ‘SIPP!

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